The Project

Key activities & Impact

Million people
European GDP

The manufacturing sector accounts for 17.3% of EU GDP and employs more than 29.9 million people. Industry 4.0 is a new vision, in which augmented and virtual reality, together with advanced robotics and simulation, have a key role in the digital transformation of manufacturing.

Through the use of XR, MASTER is able to facilitate the teaching and learning processes of robotics, thereby contributing to the advancement of these technologies and ultimately, the Industry 4.0 concept.

Open XR Platform
Extended Virtual Reality Space for Robotic Applications

The open XR platform integrates key functionalities for creating safe robotic environments, programming flexible robotic applications (programming by demonstration in flexible robotic application development), and advanced interaction mechanisms (innovation in gaze-based interaction). MASTER will also deliver rich training content on robotics, and didactic material which exploits the platform and will be delivered to the end users.

The open XR Platform, three technologies and educational content are initially built around the technologies and knowledge of the MASTER partners. However, they will be enriched by the contributions of third parties selected through Open Calls. To this aim, MASTER will launch two different Open Calls, one to attract third parties that have technologies that can be included in the platform (OC1) and a second one for new content creation (OC2). An additional objective of the Open Calls is to validate the XR platform, components, and generated content from the technical point of view, as well as from the human perspective.

XR technologies

Health and safety demonstrator

Robotic programming demonstrator

Gaze based demonstrator

Your XR technologies

Open Call 1:

Beginning of 2024

Open Call 2:

Beginning of 2025

MASTER will contribute to:

Develop innovative XR applications

For learning, training and education.

Test and support take-up of proven, successful XR tools

making Europe a leader in cutting-edge technologies for education.

Increase inclusiveness

By supporting a human-centred approach to technology development that is aligned with European social and ethical values, as well as sustainability.

Sustainable, high-quality jobs

by targeting skills mismatches, the need to empower workers, and ethical considerations relating to technological progress.