Open Calls

If you are also interested in XR education for robotics, the MASTER project might need your input.

Through two Open Calls, MASTER wants to validate the Open XR platform, components, and generated content from the technical point of view, as well as from the human perspective. The aim is to provide additional technologies and functionalities, as well as additional educational content for the platform.

Opening and deadlines will be announced on all our social media channels. Follow us on X and LinkedIn for updates.
Open Call 1

Implementation of novel XR technologies for robotic applications


  • Provide innovative technologies for the Open XR platform to create rich XR experiences
  • Develop use cases and educational material for a better learning environment for robotics

Who can apply? 

European, small and medium companies active in the field of XR (100% funding).

Educational institutes in the field of XR (100% funding).

Large companies in the field of robotics and/or developing XR applications for robotics (up to 50% funding).



Call opening early 2024


More details will follow!



Open Call 2

Validation of XR technologies in learning environments


  • Validate the Open XR platform and technologies developed in the project with students
  • The creation of additional XR content by applicants and their students

Who can apply?

Any kind of research or educational institutions that provide XR education or content creation services to students, workers or other end-users. 

Their participation should guarantee that the MASTER XR technologies are being tested in educational environment, validated and improved.



Call opening early 2025

More details will follow!

Process of Evaluation of the Open Calls

The Open Calls will be published and remain open for several months.

Within one month of the submission deadline, each application will be reviewed by 3 independent reviewers in a three-step evaluation:

  1. The individual evaluation will be done remotely by reviewers
  2. A consensus meeting to adjust the final agree scores
  3. The project steering committee will consider all the applications on the resulting ranked list and make the final selection according to the rules.

All applicants will be notified of their result as early as possible and a redress process will be available for 1 week.