XR Technologies Enhancing Robotics Training in Manufacturing

The EU project MASTER  is about unlocking the potential of XR technologies for industrial training. The project launches a new video series “MASTER Matters”.

In the first episode we meet the MASTER project coordinator Dr. Panagiotis Karagiannis from the Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS) at the University of Patras, Greece who introduces us to the project. We learn about how the idea behind MASTER was formed and what it aims to achieve.

“The aim is not to eliminate established methods but to enhance them by providing XR-based tools to educators. We want to offer the necessary tools to the teachers so they can give their message to their students more easily and more efficiently”

We hear about  how the use of robots in industry will be increasingly enhanced with XR applications, and how workers must be able to understand both technologies and use hybrid solutions confidently. Achieving this is a challenge that education and training programs must meet and one that MASTER from its vantage point at the intersection of robots and XR and intends to shape the future of industrial training with XR.